Instantly Restore Windows Systems & Files

Disaster Recovery for Windows PlatformsCould You Go 12 Weeks Without Computer Access?

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) had been without computer access for 81 days after its systems were hacked.1 For 215 employees there were no Google searches, no email and no digital contact with the outside world. The source of the hack remains unknown.

Raxco's new Windows system recovery solutions could have limited the EDA’s downtime to the time it takes to reboot a system.

Instant System and Data Recovery Software for PCs and Servers

Our solutions for home and business offer near-instant recovery for PCs and servers from events like the one at the EDA, but they also protect against incidents caused by:

  • viruses,
  • failed software patches, and
  • incomplete system and application updates.

Immediately return systems to a pristine and trusted state including data files and folders anchored up until the point of failure. No other solution can recover a system and user data so quickly.

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1 "For Commerce unit hit by computer virus, hardship of being unplugged has upside," April 9, 2012, The Washington Post
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