Raxco Solutions for MSPs

The MSP community requires tools that allow it to manage endpoints for a diverse range of clients. Raxco Software develops software that simplifies MSP operations while improving productivity and profitability. From system recovery to performance enhancement to storage management, Raxco products are solutions to the problems MSPs face every day.

Raxco offers unique and affordable solutions that can differentiate a MSP from their competition. These solutions are not only beneficial to the client but they reduce MSP labor and lower costs.

InstantRecovery is a Helpdesk Optimization software solution that:

  • Improves Help Desk Productivity
  • Reduces Client Downtime
  • Restores Systems to a "Known and Trusted" state in seconds
  • Increases Gross Margins

InstantRecovery should be part of an MSPs “solution stack” for every client. The ability to resolve most client issues by booting to a pristine system snapshot saves time for the client and the MSP technician.   InstantRecovery eliminates time-consuming diagnostic questions and troubleshooting which results in happier clients and more productive help desk personnel.  Save hundreds of hours every month and dramatically improve margins. Recover from failed system and application updates and cyber attacks in the time it takes to reboot.

PerfectDisk vSphere is a disk performance solution designed for VMware hosted Windows servers. The VMware documentation, in its section on Disk I/O Performance Enhancement, specifically recommends "Defragment the file systems on all guests."

PerfectDisk reduces total IOPs by 15-40% while eliminating LUN queue and disk latency issues. By reducing SCSI command traffic PerfectDisk removes the bottlenecks that impede VM performance. MSPs can use PerfectDisk to resolve VM performance issues quickly.

PerfectStorage is the only product on the market that automates the reclamation of “dead” space on thin-provisioned Windows guests and LUNs. Dead space occurs when a user deletes a file on a VM and there is no mechanism to notify the SAN or the hypervisor that the file is gone. As a result, the space occupied by the file will remain on disk until some action is taken to reclaim it to the active storage pool.

PerfectStorage reclaims this space using either a Zero-Fill or a SCSI UNMAP methodology, depending on what the storage controller or hypervisor supports. Users can reclaim terabytes of space while servers are in production with no impact on performance. PerfectStorage can save clients tens of thousands of dollars in storage costs and that money that could be spent on managed services.

Go2MyScreen provides on demand secure remote control of Windows computers inside or outside your Local Area Network. With just a few mouse clicks. No installation. Simply download and start a session. Discover the power of online help.

Sysgem Access Gateway provides provides self-hosted, secure and controlled remote access to the desktops of Windows workstations, laptops and servers inside or outside of your network boundaries.

  • Provides secure and controlled remote access to the desktops of Windows workstations, laptops and servers
  • Control access to your gateway with account IDs and passwords; and enable/disable anonymous connections
  • ‘Persistent’ sessions available for subsequent reconnection
  • ‘Non-persistent’ sessions are ideal for IT staff to give help and support to users when required

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