Instant System Recovery with instantrecovery

InstantRecovery.... Maximize Productivity and Profits!

As an MSP your job is to maximize system uptime for your clients and resolve issues as fast as possible. InstantRecovery meets both objectives, increasing your bottom line.

InstantRecovery© is a high-availability software solution that restores a system's OS and applications in the time it takes to reboot.

"InstantRecovery is an affordable tool that fits with the best practices solution stack we deploy to every client. By leveraging the ability to diagnose and quickly recover from OS issues we have happier clients and more productive employees. InstantRecovery is critical to reducing recovery time and increasing our effective bill rate"

                                                   Steve Cerocke, President, IQ Technology Solutions

As a LabTech® Certified application, InstantRecovery changes the dynamics of Managed Services. Its system-resident bootable snapshot technology enables the MSP to respond to any software corruption issue immediately.  Trouble tickets are quickly resolved and troubleshooting time is eliminated.  An MSP using InstantRecovery with LabTech integration can support aggressive SLAs and do more work in less time with their existing workforce.

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