Keep Your Thin-Provisioned Storage Thin

Extend Storage Lifespan: Automatically Reclaim Dead Space with Zero Downtime

Reclaim Wasted Storage Space

PerfectStorage™ automates the recovery of unused free space from physical and virtual thin-provisioned disks.

PerfectStorage is an intelligent storage management solution for thin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity, allows for better storage management and forecasting, and defers future storage purchases by extending storage lifespan.

Raxco developed PerfectStorage with research and input from some of the world's largest companies and leading storage vendors such as HP, Dell and Hitachi.

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EMC XtremIO CTO Recommends PerfectStorage!

EMC's Principal SE & Field CTO Recommends PerfectStorage

"On the first initial run, PerfectStorage reclaimed 3.1TB, with zero downtime, zero impact and it was all automated. It even ran at some points during production hours with zero impact due to StealthPatrol."

- Clinton Prentice, Senior Systems Engineer, UnitingCare NSW.ACT


PerfectStorage™ Licensing Options

  • Single Server/VM License: License a single physical server or single virtual guest.
  • Host License: License a single host and unlimited virtual guests on the licensed host.
  • Unlimited Site License: License all physical servers and virtual guests at a single site.
  • Multi-Site License: License all physical servers and virtual guests at multiple sites.
  • Worldwide License: License all physical servers and virtual guests at an unlimited number of sites worldwide.

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"If you are concerned about stretching your budget to support growth without compromise including using data footprint reduction (DFR) techniques such as archiving, backup modernize, compression, dedupe and thin provisioning, why wouldn’t you go the next step finding and then reclaiming your orphaned or stranded storage, both thick and thin provisioned?"

– Greg Schulz, Founder and Sr. Advisory Consultant the Server and StorageIO Group

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Watch PerfectStorage running a reclaim operation in an ESX-hosted Windows Server 2008 Guest in order to shrink a thin-provisioned VMDK:

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